What is the best Android Emulator for Windows 10

Android emulator for Windows 10 is software that lets you run Android apps on your PC or Laptops. You can play your favorite Android games using this. You can also use some large applications on your PC using an Android emulator. So, you don’t have to worry about performance or movement. If you fed up with the movement of certain apps on your mobile? Or you have a slow smartphone that can’t run new and powerful apps? If so, then you should search for an Android emulator. Today, we will look at some of the best Android emulators for windows 10.

Uses of Android Emulator for PC

Now there are two common uses of Android Emulator, first is for gaming. Now playing a game on your mobile has its cons like battery consumption, over-heating, etc. These things can ruin the experience of a game. By using an Android emulator on Windows 10, you eliminate all these things and enjoy the game with better graphics and control.

The second usage is development. Now, ask any Android app or game developers, where do they like to test their apps. Most people’s answer would be their computers as it is accessible; you can test it for a longer period and run several test cases on your PC. So, you can use an Android emulator for these two primary reasons.

Best Android emulator on Windows 10?

Now that we know what an android emulator on windows 10 does? And how can you use it? Let’s look at some of the best emulators present at the moment. You can go through all the details we have covered about each emulator and choose the right one for you. Here we go

Nox Android Emulator

nox official

Nox is considered to be one of the best Android emulators for PC for games. It is particularly useful for key-mapping with your keyboard or controller. For example, if you are playing a game which requires a lot of hand-gesture control, which might be difficult in a mobile. This makes it easy to control the game and enjoy it. Nox is free, and in development, so you get upgraded emulator after few months for free.

Bluestacks Emulator:

nox alternatives bluestacks

This is one of the most popular android emulators as it was one of the first to work properly. Other than that, the emulator works like a charm for both Android and Mac. It has all the standard features of an emulator. However, it is very heavy and can run slow if you are running on a low-powered computer or laptop. Other than that, you won’t face any issue. The emulator is available for free or an upgraded version for two dollars per month.



This is a very useful android emulator, especially for personal use for older games and simple app development. You can download the latest version (V. 0.9.0) of this android emulator for free. The only downside to it is there is no active upgrade of the emulator. Hence, you may find some problems if you want to run the latest app or android version on your PC.

Remix OS Player:

remix android emulator for windows 10

This is an Android emulator for windows 10 designed to cater to gamers’ needs. It has a very simple installation process with a customizable toolbar to make gaming easy and fun. It is also one of the few emulators which allow running of multiple games at once. Remix’s website isn’t operational at the moment, so the emulator is good to use only for the next 18 months.

Ko Player:

koplayer for windows 10

Ko Player is a powerful Android emulator, as it can easily run all kinds of mobile apps and games. The emulator is available for both Windows and Mac. Hence, you can use the app for both gaming and app development purposes. It is free to download and is very simple to use. The emulator also supports the built-in video recording feature, enabling you to record your game easily.


If you want to enjoy mobile games or work on app development in your pc, an Android emulator is the best option. You get the fun of using mobile apps on a bigger screen. Plus, we have listed all the top Android emulator on Windows 10 with their key features. This will help you identify the one for you and take mobile experience to a whole new level.

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