Nox Vs Bluestacks – Which Android Emulator is The Best?

Nox vs Bluestacks? In this post, we are going to discuss which is better among Nox and Bluestacks. Android Emulator users have debating fiercely over which emulator is better for gaming and overall experience. Both of these are top class Android emulators, so some people might ask why debate choose the one you prefer.

Well, for these people, I would like to say, users use an android emulator to experience the best quality gameplay, development usage, etc. To experience this, they need to use the best android emulator in the market. Today, we are going to dive into this debate to give you some clarity.

About Nox & Bluestacks

BigNox is an Android emulator that was initially launched in 2015. It was developed to cater to gamer’s need to play Android mobile games on PC. Hence, its features are designed to increase the overall experience of gaming.

On the other hand, Bluestacks is an American company that has developed the Bluestacks App player and other cross-platform products. The company was founded in 2011, and the player was developed to give users an alternative platform to run Android apps and games.

Why Nox & Bluestacks are the best?

nox vs bluestacks better

Both Bluestacks and Nox App players are considered to be the best Android emulator in the market. There are several reasons for it.

First is that they are consistent in their updates, and it has its advantages. Like, bugs are fixed on time, new features are introduced every now and then.

The UI is improved over time, and most importantly, they are compatible with newer Android versions and games. None of the other Android emulators in the market does all of this. Hence, Nox and Bluestacks are considered to be the best.

Though we say both are the best in this niche, people still want to know which one of these two has the edge over the other. If you are one of them and want to know, keep reading. We have covered some good details

Nox Vs Bluestacks – Which One Is The Best

In this discussion, we will compare both emulators on the basis of their performance in different areas.


Bluestacks is very balanced emulators as it has the right mix of power, graphics, and processing to run high-end games easily. The software also supports advanced key mapping controls.

Nox is also quite competent to run high FPS games without any lag. It also supports key mapping and other controlling devices. Plus, you can customize controls through settings. Nox is slightest ahead due to its overall better experience in gaming.


Both these android emulators have key mapping, multiple instances, in-app record, Disk Clean up option, etc. However, Bluestacks edges it a little due to its overall features like locking cursors automatically in shooting games, changing device profiles, etc. While Nox is quite simple in its approach. Hence, Bluestacks level the score for now.


If we take into consideration the newest version of Bluestacks 4, the software scored 165000 in the latest benchmark test. While the latest Nox player scored only 121410. Even in the older version, Bluestacks has a higher benchmark than Nox player, proving its superiority in performance.

User Interface:

Bluestacks has a lot of customizable features such as graphics control, key mapping, app shortcuts, etc. However, your RAM will dictate if you can use all these features or not. While Nox player has a simple but friendly UI. You can customize anything you want very easily. This makes Nox much easier to use.


This is where the Nox App player is better than Bluestacks. Nox player requires 1 GB RAM and 3 GB Hard disk and doesn’t put a load on your PC. While Bluestacks requires 2 GB RAM and 4 GB Hard disk and users have complained about the excessive load on their PC due to Bluestacks.

As you can see, there isn’t much difference between the two android emulators. They are relatively close in most areas and cover up their deficiencies in the overall user experience.

Review on Bluestacks Vs. Nox:

Before I give review on Nox vs Bluestacks I would like to tell you that I have used both these Android emulators and have heard a lot from users and their experience.

Personally, I feel like if you are a beginner in an Android emulator or you have an average PC specification, then the Nox App player is a better option for you. As the emulator can run high-quality games without any lag or excessive load.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer with the best laptop or PC, then definitely go for Bluestacks. As it is a much powerful emulator and because of your high-end specs, your PC won’t feel the load. Also, if you are looking in terms of app development, then Bluestacks is clearly better in that regard as well.

How to Use the Nox App Player?

Nox App Player is an Android Emulator. You all know that it can help you run Android apps or games on your PC. This is the basic functionality of the Nox App player, but there is a lot to it that most people aren’t aware of it. For example, you can also test your own developed mobile App using a Nox App player.

As you can see, the Nox App Player can handle a lot more than a few high-powered games. In this article, we are going to discuss the different features of the Nox player and how you can use it.

how to use nox player

How to Use Nox on Windows or Mac?

Nox player is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The android emulator is free to download. You can go through the detailed guide we have provided on how to install the Nox app player on PC.

  • If you are a Windows user, you need to go to the article we have covered about install Nox on Windows
  • Mac users can also use the Nox app player to run Android apps. But you cannot run iOS apps using Nox. Because this is basically designed for Android apps only. Read more about how to install Nox player on Mac

Features Of Nox App Player

Nox player is an android emulator which was developed for fast and smooth gameplay experience of mobile games on PC. Hence, its features are designed for such gameplay.

Key Mapping:

Nox player also supports key mapping, so if a game has gesture movement or any other key control. You can assign a keyboard key or mouse click to it. We all know that playing with a keyboard and mouse is better than a phone.

Nox player supports 120 FPS:

Gamers always complain that their Frames per second (FPS) keep dropping to 30. Well, Nox has changed the game in the Android emulator by introducing 120 FPS, which lets you experience super HD gameplay without any lag.

Compatible with AMD and X86:

With the emergence of AMD graphics card and x86 microprocessor, many software wasn’t integrated with the latest trend. Nox Player was one of the first to integrate these in their android emulator.

Support many controlling devices:

Although you can assign keys to the keyboard, you can also connect other controlling devices. Nox player allows you the freedom to play as a gamer.

In-app video recorder:

If you want to start a YouTube streaming channel and play mobile games. Recording in HD would be tough, however, if you use a Nox Player to play HD games. First, you won’t face any lag, and secondly, you have an in-app video recorder which can be controlled with single clicks.

Available in multiple languages:

You need to know English if you want to communicate globally in business terms. However, playing a game on your PC is for enjoyment. Hence, the Nox App player is available in multiple languages with a simple UI.

Multiple Instances:

Imagine you feel like playing multiple games at once on your Mobile phone. It won’t be possible due to resolution errors. However, with the Nox App player, you can run multiple instances (Screens) of your mobile at once. So, you can play a mobile game on one screen while another screen might open Google chrome or anything else. The multiple instances are also very useful in app development and can be used in so many ways.

So, these are some of the features of the Nox player and how you can use them for better gameplay experience.

Do I need to sign in to the Google Play store on Nox?

Yes, you need to sign in to Google Play store on the Nox player, if you want to track your game progression. Android emulators have a bad reputation of crashing, if you don’t track your progression with your Gmail account, you might have to restart the game from scratch. Such a scenario might break your spirit to play games


Nox App Player is an Android emulator that was designed to improve the gaming experience on PC. It has many features that increase gameplay experience significantly. Plus, you could use these features in other creative ways, as well as suggested above.

How to Fix “Nox is not working” Errors?

Nox Player is an Android emulator which helps you run mobile apps and APK on computer and PC. Though it is the best emulator and works without any issues, some users have complained about some issues. Users say Nox is not working for them.

Now, there are several reasons as to why Nox is not working on your PC. The emulator might be lagging, the android isn’t booting properly, less amount of RAM is dedicated to the emulator. Now, these issues are very common as you are running an app that wasn’t developed to work on a computer or laptop. Hence, you just need to identify the issues you are facing and then solve it with the steps given below.

Nox is Not Working (Issues & Fix)

nox is not working pc

There are five common issues that people generally face while using Nox Players. We are listing them with their solutions below.

1. Google play service is not working:

This generally happens when there is a problem in syncing your google account data. Hence, reinstall the Nox player and again log in to your Google account. This will probably solve the problem. If the issue is related to your email & password, you should double-check your credentials. If you do not remember your password, you should reset it and try again.

2. Games lagging on the emulator:

This is another common issue that people regularly face on the Nox player, and the game might end abruptly. This happens because you haven’t cleared the cache on the emulator, just like an Android phone.

  • Open setting on the emulator.
  • Scroll down till you see “Apps.”
  • Then find the “All” tab and select “Media storage.”
  • There you will see the “clear data” option, click on it, and agree to the pop-up.
  • This will clean all the cache on your Nox player, and it will work without any lags.

3. Nox player keeps on crashing:

Whenever you open the Nox player, the android boots in, but it is closed automatically after a while. This is because this version of the emulator is facing issues with the apps you have installed. First, uninstall this version as it has no hopes of running. Now, you can either upgrade to the newer version or install the previous version to play the games smoothly.

We always recommend you use the latest version of the Nox player. You can install the latest version from Nox Official Site

4. The game is dropping fps or blurring:

If you are playing a game and the quality keeps on decreasing or the game gets blurred in between, and the game is stopped. This generally happens when not enough RAM or CPU is dedicated to the emulator.

  1. To solve this issue, open the Nox player, and click on “settings,” which is on the top right-hand corner.
  2. In the Setting dialog box, click on “Advanced.”
  3. Under this tab, you can change the performance setting to high and allocate the highest value. (according to your computer configuration) to RAM and CPU.
  4. Then click on Save changes and restart your emulator.
  5. Now, Nox player will run efficiently without any kind of issues.

5. Nox Player has stopped working:

Whenever you open the Nox player, after a while, the emulator closes with the dialog box – “Nox player has stopped working.” This might be due to less virtual memory being allocated to the emulator.

  • To solve this issue, right-click on “This PC.”
  • Then in the drop-down menu, click on Properties (Don’t select the last option).
  • A new window will open, now click on “Advanced System settings” on the left.
  • This will open a system properties window.
  • Now click on the Advanced tab and then choose settings under performance.
  • So, in the new performance dialog box, again, click on the advanced tab.
  • Now, you will see Virtual memory, under it the number of the paging file.
  • Just click on change under it, and then select automatically manage paging size for all drivers.
  • A new window will open where you can enter a later paging size (preferably 4096 Mb).
  • Now click on set and ok. Finally, you need to restart the computer for it to affect the emulator.

So, these are some of the issues which you might face when you generally see the error, “Nox is not working.” Just try all these solutions, and it works like a charm.


Mobile apps weren’t developed to run on Windows or Mac. So, you might see the error, Nox is not working. But these issues are common and can be fixed within minutes, and you can go back to enjoying your game.

How to play Black Desert Mobile Game on PC or Laptop?

Black Desert Mobile game is one of the latest multiplayer online RPG mobile game. The game has a solid story; combat is fun and is visually attractive graphics to get you addicted. If you are a fan of MMORPG games, you would definitely love this game. However, it needs a very powerful smartphone to run the game smoothly and for you to enjoy it. But if you don’t have a high-end smartphone, don’t worry, you can still play the game on your PC.

You can play the Black Desert Android game on Windows & Mac PC or Laptop. If you do not know how to do that on your PC, you can read the following step by step guide.

black desert mobile game for pc

Play Black Desert Mobile Game on PC

We all know that it is an Android game and we cannot run Android apps or games directly on PC. If you are wondering how will be run an APK in your PC, then let me introduce to you the Android emulator. This is a software that lets you run any kind of mobile app on your PC. Whether you have windows or Mac, the emulator will work for you. What is the best Android emulator available and what are the requirements to run it? The details are discussed below.

Requirements to Play Black Desert Game on Windows & Mac

Now there are a few things you need before you play Black Desert mobile game on your PC.

PC or Laptop :

First and foremost, you need a computer or a laptop with good RAM and a minimum integrated graphics card to run this game smoothly. Otherwise, you will experience the lack here as well. You also need to install a Nox player emulator installed on your PC or laptop.

Android Emulator:

We are going to use the Nox player emulator for this tutorial, as it is one of the best emulators for playing mobile games on your PC. How to install it?

  • You can search for “Nox Player” on Google, and get it from the official site.
  • This file would be around 370 MB.
  • Open it and click on install, and the emulator will install itself.
  • Windows and Mac files are different.
  • Choose the right one and fetch it

Steps to Install the Black desert Mobile game Using Nox :

Here are the steps you need to follow to install the game and play it on your PC using the Nox Android emulator.

  • Click on the Nox icon on the desktop.
  • A Nox player window will open, which will take a few seconds to load.
  • If this is the first time you are using Nox player on your PC, it will ask you to sign in with your Google account.
  • This is very important to keep your progress in the game tracked. Just click on Login now.
  • Enter your email id and password.
  • Once you are logged in. You have fulfilled the basic requirement to run a Black Desert mobile game on PC.
  • Now, in the play store app, type Black desert Mobile in the search bar.
  • The game would come as the first option with an anime girl as the thumbnail and Black Desert Mobile written on it.
  • Then click on it, a new page will open.
  • Now, click on the install button on the new page.
  • It will take a while for the whole game to download and install on the emulator. In the meanwhile, you can minimize the Nox player and do your work.
  • Once it is completed, you can either open the game from the same page by clicking on the open button.
  • Or you can close the play store, and you will see a new icon added to the home screen – Black Desert Mobile.
  • Click on it, and then the game will load in, and you can enjoy it.


This is how you run a black desert mobile game on your PC. The process is fairly simple if you follow the instruction given above. After that, just sit back and enjoy the game on your PC.

What is the best Android Emulator for Windows 10

Android emulator for Windows 10 is software that lets you run Android apps on your PC or Laptops. You can play your favorite Android games using this. You can also use some large applications on your PC using an Android emulator. So, you don’t have to worry about performance or movement. If you fed up with the movement of certain apps on your mobile? Or you have a slow smartphone that can’t run new and powerful apps? If so, then you should search for an Android emulator. Today, we will look at some of the best Android emulators for windows 10.

Uses of Android Emulator for PC

Now there are two common uses of Android Emulator, first is for gaming. Now playing a game on your mobile has its cons like battery consumption, over-heating, etc. These things can ruin the experience of a game. By using an Android emulator on Windows 10, you eliminate all these things and enjoy the game with better graphics and control.

The second usage is development. Now, ask any Android app or game developers, where do they like to test their apps. Most people’s answer would be their computers as it is accessible; you can test it for a longer period and run several test cases on your PC. So, you can use an Android emulator for these two primary reasons.

Best Android emulator on Windows 10?

Now that we know what an android emulator on windows 10 does? And how can you use it? Let’s look at some of the best emulators present at the moment. You can go through all the details we have covered about each emulator and choose the right one for you. Here we go

Nox Android Emulator

nox official

Nox is considered to be one of the best Android emulators for PC for games. It is particularly useful for key-mapping with your keyboard or controller. For example, if you are playing a game which requires a lot of hand-gesture control, which might be difficult in a mobile. This makes it easy to control the game and enjoy it. Nox is free, and in development, so you get upgraded emulator after few months for free.

Bluestacks Emulator:

nox alternatives bluestacks

This is one of the most popular android emulators as it was one of the first to work properly. Other than that, the emulator works like a charm for both Android and Mac. It has all the standard features of an emulator. However, it is very heavy and can run slow if you are running on a low-powered computer or laptop. Other than that, you won’t face any issue. The emulator is available for free or an upgraded version for two dollars per month.



This is a very useful android emulator, especially for personal use for older games and simple app development. You can download the latest version (V. 0.9.0) of this android emulator for free. The only downside to it is there is no active upgrade of the emulator. Hence, you may find some problems if you want to run the latest app or android version on your PC.

Remix OS Player:

remix android emulator for windows 10

This is an Android emulator for windows 10 designed to cater to gamers’ needs. It has a very simple installation process with a customizable toolbar to make gaming easy and fun. It is also one of the few emulators which allow running of multiple games at once. Remix’s website isn’t operational at the moment, so the emulator is good to use only for the next 18 months.

Ko Player:

koplayer for windows 10

Ko Player is a powerful Android emulator, as it can easily run all kinds of mobile apps and games. The emulator is available for both Windows and Mac. Hence, you can use the app for both gaming and app development purposes. It is free to download and is very simple to use. The emulator also supports the built-in video recording feature, enabling you to record your game easily.


If you want to enjoy mobile games or work on app development in your pc, an Android emulator is the best option. You get the fun of using mobile apps on a bigger screen. Plus, we have listed all the top Android emulator on Windows 10 with their key features. This will help you identify the one for you and take mobile experience to a whole new level.

What are the best Nox App Player Alternatives

Nox Android emulator is also known as Nox app player. This is a free Android emulator. This allows your to run a variety of Android applications on PC. You can even play your favorite games with Nox. Developed by BigNox Limited in Hong Kong, This is a very popular emulator for Windows & Mac. Millions of users play games on PC with this one.

Best Nox App Player Alternatives

Nox Android Emulator is undoubtedly one of the best performing and most popular Android emulators but this doesn’t guarantee it to be flawless. Installation of Nox Player forces the user to install ByteFence AntiMalware which is a rogue antivirus. Nox also installs “Segurazo anti-virus software” and “Chromium”, both are malware. If you are looking for some effective alternatives to Nox Player, here are the best fives.

1. Bluestacks

nox alternatives bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the safest alternatives to Nox Player. Blue stacks Android Emulator bridges the gap between the mobiles and computers. This software allows users to play any kind of Android apps on their computers. This can be installed for both Windows and Mac OS. This emulator is mostly used to play games like Candy Crush, PUBG and ROS on laptop or desktop.

2. Droid4x


If you are looking for a good Android emulator software for your low-end PC, then nothing can be better than Droid4x. This lightweight emulator features an excellent interface and simple configuration. Installing of Droid4x in your PC allows you to play video games like Free Fire without any lagging issue. This emulator is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1,8 and Windows 7. This is popular for its reliable performance and unmatched stability.

3. YouWave

youwave emulator

YouWave has made mobile computing simple on your PC. This Android emulator allows the users to run Android apps on their desktop or laptop without a smartphone. YouWave enables users to access a wide range of app store downloads, install and run them without any assistance from a phone. It showcases user-friendly features and runs perfectly on Windows OS. YouWave is not a freeware but you can give it a try with its 10-days free trial period.

4. Genymotion


Genymotion is another popular and safe Android emulator to create an amazing virtual environment on your PC. This software is compatible with operating systems including Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Genymotion comes with an innovative Cloud Technology that allows users to bring their job and gaming experience together. It is bundled with useful features that can be used for testing.

 5. MEmu

memu emulator

MEmu is another fabulous lightweight Android emulator for low-end computers. This emulator allows users to turn their PCs into a personal video gaming zone without much hassle. Advanced settings of the application enable you to customize the MEmu player to make it a more gaming-friendly platform. This Windows OS compatible emulator works best with Intel i5-8400, 16GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphic.


These are some great alternatives to Nox Player. We have introduced them with key features. Choose the best one for you if nox is not working. If you have any question, feel free to ask and leave it in the comment section.