How to Fix “Nox is not working” Errors?

Nox Player is an Android emulator which helps you run mobile apps and APK on computer and PC. Though it is the best emulator and works without any issues, some users have complained about some issues. Users say Nox is not working for them.

Now, there are several reasons as to why Nox is not working on your PC. The emulator might be lagging, the android isn’t booting properly, less amount of RAM is dedicated to the emulator. Now, these issues are very common as you are running an app that wasn’t developed to work on a computer or laptop. Hence, you just need to identify the issues you are facing and then solve it with the steps given below.

Nox is Not Working (Issues & Fix)

nox is not working pc

There are five common issues that people generally face while using Nox Players. We are listing them with their solutions below.

1. Google play service is not working:

This generally happens when there is a problem in syncing your google account data. Hence, reinstall the Nox player and again log in to your Google account. This will probably solve the problem. If the issue is related to your email & password, you should double-check your credentials. If you do not remember your password, you should reset it and try again.

2. Games lagging on the emulator:

This is another common issue that people regularly face on the Nox player, and the game might end abruptly. This happens because you haven’t cleared the cache on the emulator, just like an Android phone.

  • Open setting on the emulator.
  • Scroll down till you see “Apps.”
  • Then find the “All” tab and select “Media storage.”
  • There you will see the “clear data” option, click on it, and agree to the pop-up.
  • This will clean all the cache on your Nox player, and it will work without any lags.

3. Nox player keeps on crashing:

Whenever you open the Nox player, the android boots in, but it is closed automatically after a while. This is because this version of the emulator is facing issues with the apps you have installed. First, uninstall this version as it has no hopes of running. Now, you can either upgrade to the newer version or install the previous version to play the games smoothly.

We always recommend you use the latest version of the Nox player. You can install the latest version from Nox Official Site

4. The game is dropping fps or blurring:

If you are playing a game and the quality keeps on decreasing or the game gets blurred in between, and the game is stopped. This generally happens when not enough RAM or CPU is dedicated to the emulator.

  1. To solve this issue, open the Nox player, and click on “settings,” which is on the top right-hand corner.
  2. In the Setting dialog box, click on “Advanced.”
  3. Under this tab, you can change the performance setting to high and allocate the highest value. (according to your computer configuration) to RAM and CPU.
  4. Then click on Save changes and restart your emulator.
  5. Now, Nox player will run efficiently without any kind of issues.

5. Nox Player has stopped working:

Whenever you open the Nox player, after a while, the emulator closes with the dialog box – “Nox player has stopped working.” This might be due to less virtual memory being allocated to the emulator.

  • To solve this issue, right-click on “This PC.”
  • Then in the drop-down menu, click on Properties (Don’t select the last option).
  • A new window will open, now click on “Advanced System settings” on the left.
  • This will open a system properties window.
  • Now click on the Advanced tab and then choose settings under performance.
  • So, in the new performance dialog box, again, click on the advanced tab.
  • Now, you will see Virtual memory, under it the number of the paging file.
  • Just click on change under it, and then select automatically manage paging size for all drivers.
  • A new window will open where you can enter a later paging size (preferably 4096 Mb).
  • Now click on set and ok. Finally, you need to restart the computer for it to affect the emulator.

So, these are some of the issues which you might face when you generally see the error, “Nox is not working.” Just try all these solutions, and it works like a charm.


Mobile apps weren’t developed to run on Windows or Mac. So, you might see the error, Nox is not working. But these issues are common and can be fixed within minutes, and you can go back to enjoying your game.

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